Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15: Second Cour Gets Epic Action-Packed Promo!

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15: Second Cour Gets Epic Action-Packed Promo!
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After the epic rescue mission, Kabru and his party reach the surface. However, the Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15 promo suggests Laios and his party are still trapped in the dungeon’s labyrinthine depths. Soon, they will find themselves in a challenging situation. While a lot has happened in the first cour of the anime, the second cour has already released its promo and will soon hit the screens with a blast as the characters are all set to start a new war with the Red Dragon. Curious to know how things will move ahead? Keep reading!

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15: Laios Struggles To Survive!

After Kabru and his party reach the surface, they start a search operation for Falin. While Falin is nowhere to be found, Kabru believes they have lost her. However, Laios and his party rescue Falin, and the second cour opens up, with Laios’s party’s struggle getting more intense. The group is still in the dungeon, and two days have passed without seeing sunlight, facing hunger, exhaustion, and thirst. So, it won’t be easy for them to deal with such a situation in Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15.

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However, the latest promo clip suggests that Laios and his party will soon find a way to deal with all the challenges. But the path won’t be simple. That’s because the labyrinth changes its appearance. So, it will become difficult for the team to escape the dungeon. Despite that, they will be determined to leave the place. With an empty stomach, they will enter a new chamber in the dungeon, which will seem slightly different. Laios and his group will also find a man and two women there.

With their looks, it seems like they have something up to, which will make Laios and his people back off. They will also be stunned once they leave the place. However, the next chamber will be completely different. There, the party will encounter another set of monsters who aim to eat Laios and his party, pushing them to fight for their life. However, later, Senshi figured out the true identity of these creatures. They appear to be dryads, plant monsters that can change their form and take human form as well.

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Since Dryads are behind Laios and his party, they need to escape the dungeon as soon as possible. But Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15 suggests that it will be challenging for them after inhaling the spores. Soon after, they will become unable to fight the ‘hay fever,’ causing them to surrender. But will they end up losing their life in the dungeon?

Laios Fights A Red Dragon Alone

Another scene from the promo clip of Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15 suggests that Laios will barely make it to the surface. When he reaches the surface, a Red Dragon will eat his younger sister. So, the adventurer, Laios, decides to return to the dungeon to fight the Red Dragon and save his sister. However, the situation is quite tough now, and he will face more challenges.

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15

However, the upcoming episode hints that Laios will return to the dungeon; this time, he will enter with his full strategy. He knows that ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ means ‘to eat’ or ‘to be eaten,’ so he plans to use basilisks and slimes to fight against the Red Dragon. But the question arises: Is Laios’s younger sister alive? Only time will tell.

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Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15: Release Date

The anime’s first cour has already completed its course of action, with Laios and his team fighting for their lives. Now, the next cour hints that things will be more challenging. You will learn it on Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15, which will air on April 11, 2024, at 10.30 pm JST. The Japanese audience can stream it on Tokyo MX, while the global audience can catch it on Netflix. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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