Everyone Loves Me Season 2: Netflix Plans For A Big SEQUEL!

Everyone Loves Me Season 2: Netflix Plans For A Big SEQUEL!
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Nothing is more delightful than a rom-com C-drama, and Everyone Loves Me is no different. The hilariously romantic approach shortly made the audience fall in love with the series. But since it has already concluded, fans eagerly await Everyone Loves Me Season 2. Will it return for the next outing to explore more secret crushes and complicated love stories? While fans are buzzing with the questions, Netflix’s vague hints suggest positive news. So, keep reading to learn the fate of the series.

Based on Qiao Yao’s novel Bie Dui Dong Xin, the series follows a modern-day complicated love story. It begins with Yue Qian Ling, an extrovert gamer who falls for Gu Xun, a popular guy at her school. Despite her efforts to confess her love for him, the misunderstanding makes things dramatic for the two, and soon, they end up parting ways. But their destiny had some other plans, and they met again, this time with a twist. Curious to know what lies ahead for them? Then keep reading!

Is Everyone Loves Me Season 2 Renewed?

At the time of writing, Netflix hasn’t yet renewed Everyone Loves Me Season 2. Well, the series has just hit the screen in March 2024. So, it’s quite early to expect the streaming platform to renew the show, especially since reviewing the viewership vs. cost graph takes a couple of months. But there’s a chance that the show will return based on its incredible performance. It gained 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

Everyone Loves Me Season 2

Not only this, the series also performed well on the streaming giant. Just after its debut, Everyone Loves Me reached Netflix’s Global Top Ten, but only in Taiwan for three weeks. Thus, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the show will return. But the good part is that Netflix hasn’t billed it as a ‘limited series.’ That means it can return with another sequel. Further, considering its performance, it’s highly likely to return.

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Is There Enough Source Material?

As mentioned above, the series is based on Qiao Yao’s novel, which consists of 66 chapters, including two extras. Though it seems like there isn’t enough source material, as per the reports, the C-drama has only covered a fragment of the novel. That means there’s more to cover in Everyone Loves Me Season 2. The series ended with the male and female lead getting what they had dreamed of. However, they haven’t married yet.

However, in the source material, the couple has already exchanged vows and lives a wonderful life together. Thus, considering the narrative, it seems like the chances of Everyone Loves Me getting a second season are higher. But again, the show hasn’t followed the footsteps of the novel. It has already fabricated some scenes. Thus, it remains unclear whether it will return with another season.

Everyone Loves Me: Ending Explained

In the finale, Gu Xun seemed confident as he was about to crack a deal with an entertainment agency for his triple-A game. However, it never happened, as the company turned out to be a fraud, leaving Gu Xun to work on his business plan. While he was relieved that Qian Ling had saved him, Gu Xun seemed excited to meet Lin Yi’s family. However, Lin Yi didn’t think it was a good idea as they had just started dating. At first, Gu Xun agreed with her words, but he later surprised Lin Yi by visiting her parents’ house.

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Everyone Loves Me Season 2

Qian Ling’s mother was impressed with Gu Xun and shortly approved of her daughter’s relationship. But it wasn’t the same with Mr Yue. He made things challenging for Gu Xun. Despite the hurdles, Gu Xun finally won Lin Yi’s father’s heart. Later, the finale took the viewers forward in time, where Gu Xun and Qian Ling celebrated their big day. They finally accomplished their childhood dream by selling over 10 million copies of their game. As the two celebrated this big event, the show ended with Qian Ling and Gu Xun hugging each other while remembering their challenges.

Now, if Everyone Loves Me Season 2 returns, it will focus on Qian Ling and Gu Xun embarking on their journey as a married couple. It might focus on the new phase of their relationship, including parenthood. Since the novel focuses on their parenting together, the show will likely explore the same in the next outing.

Chances Of Everyone Loves Me Season 2!

Unfortunately, there’s a twist! Since Everyone Loves Me is a C-drama, the chances of it getting another season are quite scarce. That’s because the C-drama industry doesn’t follow a multiple-season format. Instead, they focus on exploring every aspect of the theme in one season. In other words, it’s a one-and-done season, as it isn’t meant to extend beyond the first season. However, the C-drama industry format is changing, so it might return with season 2 of Everyone Loves Me if things work in its favor. But again, the chances are low. That’s because the production house behind the series, Youku, is known for delivering a long show with a conclusive nature.

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Everyone Loves Me Season 2: Cast Details

Everyone Loves Me Season 2

No doubt, if the show returns, it will bring back Lin Yi as Gu Won and Ye Zhou as Qing Ling. Besides them, the series will also bring back the other cast members. These include Yao Hong, Mengjia Tang, Yu Zhan, Weilun Miao. Apart from them, Xinyi Yu, YiMing Jiang, Meihan Liu, Xiaoyunzi Wang, and Song Zhang could also return.

Everyone Loves Me Season 2: Release Date

As mentioned above, the show hasn’t yet been renewed. So, it’s quite early to get a release date. However, since the series is based on a novel and there are more chapters to explore, we expect Netflix will soon make its decision. If it gets renewed in spring 2024, it will take almost eight to nine months to wrap up production. Considering the timeframe, we expect Everyone Loves Me Season 2 to air sometime in the fall of 2025. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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