Kenya and Uganda agree to merge cultures as they form tourism pact

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Kenya and Uganda have agreed to integrate cultures to boost tourism revenue. The two East African countries have set their sights on cross-cultural tourism to help increase the number of visitors they receive. The decision was made after the Ugandan consulate to Mombasa attended the Uganda Festival.

  • Kenya and Uganda join forces, integrating cultures to boost tourism revenue.
  • The merging of dance, cuisine, and cultural activities is intended to attract visitors.
  • Kenyan and Ugandan officials aim to increase tourist numbers with this initiative.

A report by the Kenyan business news publication BusinessDaily showed that Kenya and Uganda are looking to collaborate to boost tourism revenue. They have decided to integrate certain aspects of their culture to attract more visitors including; dance, traditional cuisines, and cultural activities.

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This decision resulted from a 4-day trip of the Ugandan consulate to Mombasa. The four-day trip was concerning the Uganda Festival, a culinary and cultural event organized in Kwal, Kilifi, and Mombasa. The festival aimed to attract Kenyan and international visitors.

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“The aim of the festival is to expose the unique Ugandan products to a wider number of corporate Kenyans, and other regional and international tourists at the Kenya coast,” the Consulate General of the Republic of Uganda, Paul Mukumbya stated.

The consulate general noted that 500,000 Kenyans visited Uganda, and 200,000 Ugandans visited Kenya for business or tourism in 2023.

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“Kenya is the number one source market for visitors to Uganda. Last year, the official figures indicate that almost 500,000 Kenyans visited Uganda,” he said.

“This is why we are sensitizing more Kenyans and more international visitors to come and sample products in Uganda,” he added.


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