Lexmark’s “disruptive” line of business printers is its most sustainable yet

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Printing giant Lexmark has announced what it claims are a series of industry-disrupting printer models designed to “reset the industry standard,” and it has business customers firmly in its sights.

The company’s new 9-Series models promise to deliver versatility and simplicity, but more importantly, Lexmark also wants to tackle sustainability with its latest additions.

Lexmark’s 9-Series models are built on an evolution of its A4 technology, which it says lends the printers simplicity, but they offer a more rounded and “fully featured” A3 package.

Lexmark announces new, sustainable business printers

Citing the latest models’ sophisticated yet simple technology, Arjan Paulussen, Managing Director, Western Europe & English Speaking Africa, claimed: “This new line of printers and MFPs is an industry disruptor.”

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Most importantly, to businesses looking to address their ESG goals, Lexmark states that its printers are not only sustainable but also “built to last.” This is welcome news, given that some manufacturers like HP have been criticized for limiting performance via firmware updates.

All base-model multifunction printers (MFPs) are built of 56% post-consumer recycled content and the base-model printers up this to 73%. Alluding to the need for fewer recourses, Lexmark added that the space-saving and energy-efficient designs help to reduce carbon footprints.

Fewer components also help to ensure longevity, reducing the likelihood of technical failure. The company ambitiously states that its 9-Series models are “designed and built to last seven years or more.”

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Over the course of ownership, internal testing also found that experienced technicians should be able to perform 10 of the most common service actions within 15 minutes, adding to the appeal from an ESG perspective.

CX963, CX962, CX961, CS963 and CX833 models are set to go on sale from June, with the CX951, CX950 and MX953 printers slated for a later release in the first three months of 2025.

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