Prime Video’s Fallout series is getting high scores – here are 3 smart sci-fi shows to stream next

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Fallout, Prime Video’s adaptation of the beloved game franchise, appears to be a hit: it’s currently sitting with 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and a whole bunch of rave reviews. 

Inverse says it’s “as utterly addicting as it is innovative, and could very well become the new benchmark for the video game prestige series as we know it”, while Uproxx says “it manages to tread new ground within a genre that’s been covered almost too extensively thus far, mining comedy from its most mundane horror elements”.

With just eight episodes to binge in your bunker, however, it’s a pleasure that won’t last much longer than a cool bottle of Nuka-Cola. So here are three more sci-fi suggestions for you to stream on Prime Video.


It’s hard enough being a teen without having a superhero for your dad, but that’s the cross Mark Grayson has to bear: he’s the kid of Omni-Man and has inherited powers of his own. This smart, violent and funny sci-fi animation has a whopping 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. Jessie Gender says it’s “Game of Thrones for the superhero genre”, while Consequence says “this is so much more than just another superhero cartoon. No, this is humor, mystery, drama, romance and science fiction, all rolled up into one absolutely addictive treat.” According to Ars Technica, “not even Smallville could combine YA [young adult] drama and superhero DNA this well.”

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The Peripheral

Gamer Flynne Fisher is stuck in a dead end job supporting her brother and her ill mother – but when her brother asks for her help with a game, she gets dragged into something strange and dangerous. The show comes from the same creators as Westworld, and stars Chloe Grace Moretz as Flynne in a story that’s often deeply odd. io9 says “It’s a lot to take in—but hardly any of it is extraneous, and nearly every nugget of information… becomes important.” The Peripheral is an adaptation of a William Gibson novel so it’s smarter than a lot of cyberpunk sci-fi, and according to The Wrap it’s “a joy to watch” for fans for cyberpunk crime drama anime. Isn’t that everyone?

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Outer Range

Josh Brolin stars in this visually stunning sci-fi western that CNET says is “intense and unnerving” and that Inverse describes as “one of the boldest, weirdest, and most affecting sci-fi shows of the 21st century”. There are some pretty strong Stranger Things vibes here, and maybe some Lost and a bit of Westworld too, and while not everybody who watched it loved it – IndieWire isn’t a fan of the sci-fi elements – The Mary Sue says it’s well worth a watch: “What’s so great about Outer Range is that it’s something fresh while having the feel of a western in all the right ways.”

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