Wacom beats Apple to the punch by launching its very first OLED tablet

Wacom beats Apple to the punch by launching its very first OLED tablet
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It’s been rumored for the past several months that Apple plans on releasing an iPad sporting an OLED screen. The tech giant has its work cut out because Wacom has beaten them to the punch as the company has revealed its first OLED tablet known as the Movink

Provided by Samsung, the 13.3-inch display “delivers Full HD resolution with… a contrast ratio of 100,000:1.” It houses multiple image-enhancing features such as support for the entirety of the DCI-P3 color gamut. Most notably, the Movink is validated for both the Pantone and Pantone SkinTone standards allowing the device to accurately reproduce a wide array of colors and skin complexions.

Something you’ll notice on Wacom’s device is it’s incredibly thin. It measures 4mm at its thickest and only weighs 420g (about a pound). According to the announcement, this makes Movink “66 percent thinner and 55 percent lighter than” the similarly sized Wacom One 13 Touch. The company states in a community post that it was able to achieve this size because the tablet doesn’t possess a backlight. They claim OLED screens are bright enough so the display doesn’t need the extra help. 

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Since it lacks this component, users won’t have to deal with either excess heat or light leakage. The latter is an effect where light bleeds over to the edges and corners of the screen, ruining the image quality. It’s a common occurrence on LCD displays. The glass on the Movink is covered in an anti-glare coating ensuring clarity in bright environments. Plus, it protects against “color distortion” so artists are free to express themselves without worrying about problems with the output. 

Wacom Movink with pen

(Image credit: Wacom)

Notable features

Setting up the Movink is pretty straightforward. It’s equipped with a USB-C port on the left side which can be used to connect to an external device like a PC. It supports recent versions of Windows, macOS, Android, and ChromeOS. There’s another USB-C on the right for additional power if you need it. On either side of the tablet is a customizable button that can be tied to certain functions like activating or deactivating touchscreen functions.

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Wacom Movink with laptop

(Image credit: Wacom)

As part of the Movink package, the company is throwing in a free Wacom Pro Pen 3 complete with a “nib holder” for housing the stylus’ tips. You can, of course, use other pens. A list of compatible styluses can be found on Wacom’s website. The page also has a list of compatible third-party devices. Not every Android, for example, supports the Movink; only a handful work like the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Wacom’s Movink will be available starting May 27 on its official website for $750/£730/$1,300 AUS. As favorable as we are towards the tablet, will it really outperform the OLED iPad, which will offer far more features than just drawing and design? Unlikely. Still, Wacom might get a head start. Industry analyst Ross Young claims Apple’s next device is facing production problems that could lead to delayed shipments.

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