Colorful, funky DJ shows off ‘Music FX DJ’ ahead of Google I/O — and you can make sick beats now, too

<div>Colorful, funky DJ shows off ‘Music FX DJ’ ahead of Google I/O — and you can make sick beats now, too</div>
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The new DJ mode for Google’s Music FX got the best presentation possible ahead of its Google I/O 2024 event. Featuring acclaimed DJ Marc Rebillet, the new addition to the tech giant musical generative AI lets anyone become a middle-aged DJ in real-time.

The DJ mode was first introduced in March, just months after Google released Music FX in December of last year. DJ Mode allows users to generate music through text prompts, focusing on instrumental tracks without the ability to include vocals or specific artist references. This mode is particularly innovative because it starts with user-generated descriptions or “chips,” which can then be manipulated to create live beats and music loops. Users can adjust the music dynamically by changing the prompts, which are reflected in the live mix within seconds.

Google I/O DJ

DJ Marc Rebillet at Google I/O
Credit: Mashable / Google

Despite its capabilities, Google emphasizes that MusicFX is experimental and could be subject to changes or discontinuation. Therefore, it’s recommended for casual exploration rather than serious or commercial applications. Like its counterpart, ImageFX, MusicFX uses a similar method of converting text prompts into adaptable options for creative output, though DJ Mode focuses specifically on music.

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You can watch the Google I/O 2024 event here.


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