Create useful data visuals with Microsoft Visio Pro 2021 for $19.97

Create useful data visuals with Microsoft Visio Pro 2021 for .97
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TL;DR: Through May 22, make your data visually digestible with Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 for $19.97 (reg. $249.99).

In many types of business, communication and efficiency often stem from the ability to understand data and workflows clearly. But unless you’re a graphic designer, it’s not easy to whip up flowcharts and org charts at a moment’s notice. The right commercial software and business tools can help.

Case in point: Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional offers features that enable professionals across industries to visualize and communicate data easily and quickly. And through May 22, the Windows lifetime license is on sale for just $19.97 (reg. $249.99).

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This software can be especially helpful when dealing with large, complex data or tricky workflows. Pick from dozens of ready-to-go templates and more than 250,000 shapes and stencils to get your visual started.

One of the standout features of Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional is its ability to connect diagrams directly to real-time data. This dynamic link means that any changes in the underlying data are reflected in your diagrams, providing up-to-the-minute visual insights so you can make informed decisions for your team.

It also supports brainstorming with an array of templates for visualizing problems and mapping solutions, including fishbone diagrams and SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). You can even auto-generate org charts from outside data sources like Excel.

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Please note that this deal does not include a subscription to Microsoft 365. It requires either a Microsoft 365 commercial subscription or a OneDrive or SharePoint membership. It also requires a license for the desktop version of Microsoft 365 apps, a Power BI subscription for editing, and a Power Automate subscription. For eligible professionals, this deal lets you add Microsoft Visio to your Microsoft Suite for a one-time purchase of $19.97. Plus, the license never expires.

Be sure to redeem this offer within 30 days of purchasing, and don’t miss out on an affordable way to streamline and visualize your workflow during this limited-time price drop.

Get a lifetime license to Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 for $19.97 (reg. $249.99) until May 22 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional for Windows

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