Get BookTok’s book du jour ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” Kindle edition for just $5.99

<div>Get BookTok’s book du jour ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” Kindle edition for just $5.99</div>
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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

SCORE 57% OFF: As of May 15, the Kindle edition of Gabrielle Zevin’s “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: A Novel” is available for just $5.99 at Amazon, down from $13.99. That’s a 57% discount or $8 off.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: A Novel

at Amazon

Save $8.00

Amazon’s throwing a massive book sale right now, and it’s not one to miss. Through May 20, you can score major deals on everything from hardcover bestsellers to Fire Tablets (up to 40% off) and huge discounts on Kindle ebooks, including some of BookTok’s most popular titles.

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Speaking of BookTok, one title that’s been making the rounds online since it was released is Gabrielle Zevin’s “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: A Novel.” This New York Times best-seller (and award-winner) is a love story unlike any other. Even John Green says it’s “utterly brilliant.”

As of May 15, you can get the Kindle edition of “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” for just $5.99. That’s 57% off the listing price. Or, if you prefer hardcover books, you can get it for $14.71 (47% off).

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The story follows Sam and Sadie, two friends who meet as kids in a hospital video game room. Years later, they reunite at a train station, and their shared passion for video games leads them to create a wildly successful company. Although the plot is seemingly simple, this book tests the boundaries of friendship, love, and the creative process.

With more than 93,000 ratings on Amazon and 877,352 on Goodreads, this book has definitely made an impact since its release in July 2022. Some say it’s “enthralling,” while other readers (hardcore gamers) have issues with the mechanics and outdated gaming jargon. Either way, it’s a title that’s got everyone talking on BookTok (with the hashtag #tomorrow3).

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