5 sandal trends that are in this summer and 4 that are out, according to stylists and designers

5 sandal trends that are in this summer and 4 that are out, according to stylists and designers
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someone wearing tan sandals and someone wearing cork wedge sandals
Some nostalgic trends have come back in style, but others are too dated.

  • Business Insider asked stylists and designers which sandal trends are in and out this summer. 
  • The experts said fisherman sandals are one of the biggest styles of the season.  
  • On the other hand, flip-flops and water sandals aren’t doing anything for your look. 

Sandals aren’t just what you toss on to take out the trash anymore. Popular brand Birkenstock alone reported an annual revenue of $1.5 billion in 2023.

But before you run out to find this season’s latest trends, Business Insider asked stylists and designers to share which sandals are in and out this summer.

Here’s what the experts said.

Neutral earth tones pair well with a range of outfits.
shot of a woman wearing an all-orange outfit with a pair of neutral sandals
Neutral shoes are great for summer outfits.

Neutrals and nudes will always be in style, according to Melony Huber, designer, founder, and design director of the ethical lifestyle collection La Peony.

“You can wear them over and over again with a variety of looks, so you will get your use out of these shoes,” she told BI.

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According to Abby Young, lead stylist and CEO of Abby Young Styling, brown leather, tan suede, and beige raffia are all acceptable options.

Asymmetrical sandals are making their way onto the scene.
shot of a woman wearing a black and white dress and black asymmetrical sandals
Funky straps are in.

Asymmetric sandals often have straps or embellishments that wrap around the foot unevenly, creating an eye-catching look.

“These sandals are fun, unique, and something everyone must try,” Huber told BI. “They are a great addition to everyone’s summer closet.”

The asymmetric lines also add visual interest, which can be very flattering.

Fisherman sandals are trending.
close up shot of someone wearing black fisherman sandals with a pair of light jeans
Fisherman sandals have gotten a makeover.

According to Michelle Barrett, stylist and founder of Capsule Closet Stylist, fisherman sandals are one of the season’s biggest trends.

Think flat and chunky leather styles in black, brown, and off-white.

Fisherman sandals are easy to pair with shorts, dresses, and other everyday looks, Young said.

Metal accents are going to be everywhere.
close up of someone wearing black sandals with metal chains
Chunky metal chains are in right now.

Strappy sandals are making a comeback.
woman tying white strappy sandals on her feet
The strappy look from the 1990s is back.

With the recent resurgence of ’90s fashion, thin straps are making a comeback.

According to Huber, lightweight, strappy sandals are great for hot summer days.

“Perfect for a range of outfits, these go great with everything from summer dresses to flowy pants,” she told BI.

On the other hand, flip-flops are dead.
shot of someone's feet wearing flipflops outside
You can get rid of the crusty flip-flops in the back of your closet.

According to Alina Lundin, CEO, founder, and designer of Miharo, flip-flops are often seen as too casual and lack the support needed for extended wear.

As a replacement style, consider slides or stylish mules.

“These offer more support and a chic, polished look,” the designer told BI.

Water sandals aren’t doing anything for your look.
feet in a circle all wearing sporty water sandals
Sporty hiking sandals are great for adventures but not every day.

Water or sports sandals may be functional, but they won’t do anything for your look, according to Young.

“If your vacation plans involve both outdoor and indoor activities, such as going out to dinner, consider keeping an extra pair of leather sandals to change into later,” the stylist told BI.

Swap any thin heels for platforms.
shot of a woman wearing a fashionable dress under a oversized blazer with a pair of high heeled sandals
Tiny heels aren’t comfortable.

Although stylish, high-heeled sandals can be impractical and uncomfortable for summer activities, according to Lundin.

The designer recommended swapping these out for platform sandals, which provide comfort and support while still being fashionable.

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