Kenya Protest: Chaos Erupts in Nairobi

Kenya Protest: Chaos Erupts in Nairobi
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Peaceful protest in Kenya quickly turns chaotic

The protest in Kenya against the new tax bill has spiraled out of control. What was intended to be a peaceful protest in Nairobi has turned violent with chaos erupting in the streets. So far reports have gone out, revealing that the protest has begun to rack up casualties, as Kenyan police fired live rounds in responds to the invasion of the parliament building.

  • Protest in Nairobi, Kenya turned violent with casualties reported.
  • Kenyan police shot live rounds at protesters, resulting in deaths and injuries.
  • At least 10 people have died in the protests against government tax hikes.

As seen in Aljazeera, Kenyan police shot live rounds at protesters, killing and injuring some in the process.

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According to Malcolm Webb from Aljazeera, who has been reporting live from the site of protests in Nairobi, Kenyan police reportedly shot at demonstrators who stormed the parliament building.

He reported that as of this morning, at least 10 people have died in the protests.

Earlier, the President of Kenya, William Ruto alleged that the “legitimate” demonstrations had been infiltrated and hijacked by “organized criminals” and that national security remains his top concern.

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As a result, Aden Bare Duale, the Cabinet Secretary for Defence, invoked the Kenyan Defence Forces Act which reads, “The Kenyan Defence Forces is deployed on the 25th June 2024 in support of the National Police Service in response to the security emergency caused by the ongoing violent protests in various parts of the Republic of Kenya, resulting in destruction and breaching of critical infrastructure.”

Kenyan Defence act
Kenyan Defence act

Kenya’s protest

There has been an ongoing protest in Kenya against the unpopular tax bill which was recently introduced. The controversial tax proposal has sparked widespread resentment in the country, particularly amongst the country’s youth.

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So far the protest which began last week has led to at least one death and hundreds of injuries as well as arrests.

While some of the grievances have been addressed, this has done very little to quell the frustrations of the Kenyan youths. As a result, the president of the country, William Ruto has acknowledged the protest and has noted that he will hold conversations to address the issues raised by the young people spearheading the protests.

The tax was imposed on basic amenities, products that contribute to e-waste and harm the environment, imported products, and products and services used directly and exclusively in the building, as seen in a report by BBC.

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