Netflix movie of the day: Step Brothers is Adam McKay’s most underrated comedy

Netflix movie of the day: Step Brothers is Adam McKay’s most underrated comedy
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Step Brothers is a comedic masterpiece. Despite not receiving exceptional reviews, it is still considered one of the funniest movies ever made by fans – and I can’t help but agree. It’s packed with iconic lines, from “did we just become best friends?” to “so much room for activities”, and hilarious moments that are still recited 16 years later. 

The premise follows two immature middle-aged men – Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) – who still live at home with their parents. But when Brennan’s mum and Dale’s dad get married, their worlds are turned upside down as they’re forced to live all under one roof together.

Ferrell and Reilly are hilarious in their roles as rambunctious children stuck in adult bodies, whose outrageous behavior can’t be controlled by their despairing parents. Their sibling rivalry is one of the funniest aspects of the movie and creates some truly memorable scenes. So if you’re looking for some silly laughs and outlandish humor to brighten your day, then Step Brothers is a must-watch on Netflix

Step brotherly love 

Although Step Brothers didn’t receive the best critical reception when it was released in 2008, Empire admired Ferrell’s and Reilly’s comedic double act: “Ferrell and Reilly are a superb double-act, Reilly’s cockiness meshing well with Ferrell’s puppy dog innocence. They’re fine separately, but when the two are together, be it during an extended fight scene with a bunch of kids, or a demented sleepwalking sequence, the movie is a blast. Crucially, they also make Dale and Brennan – who could very easily be obnoxious and unpleasant – likable.”

It goes to show that slapstick comedy and over the top storylines are a huge hit amongst audiences as Time Out wrote: “Despite some obvious flaws, Step Brothers remains a hugely enjoyable, well-constructed slice of lowbrow Saturday night entertainment, leaving Ferrell’s position as the reigning king of US comedy secure for a while longer.”

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The Guardian added: “There are certainly one or two funny, broad moments, especially when the ‘boys’ get it into their heads to convert their beds into bunk beds, and their impersonation of 13-year-olds is scarily accurate.”

Overall, Step Brothers is an incredibly entertaining movie that once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop. 

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