Why you’re seeing lime green all over the internet

<div>Why you’re seeing lime green all over the internet</div>
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mashable is brat charli xcx

The color green has always been powerful, with its symbolic connection to money and jealousy. Put that all to the side, though, because anything lime green is even more powerful than before: It’s brat. It’s Charli xcx.

The album cover of Charli xcx’s latest release, brat, has a bright lime-green background and the word “brat” in lowercase. It’s pretty easy to remake with your own words — there’s even a generator for it. Edits and memes have taken over X / Twitter and Instagram, with some people making it their profile pictures and others adding whatever kind of text they want.

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Here are some of the best brat memes on the internet.

The deluxe album cover, which features a white background with the words “brat and it’s the same but there’s three more songs so it’s not,” also got the meme treatment.

We’re all parodying the album cover now.

But that’s not the only way people are spreading the gospel of brat. Lime green, in general, has become a sort of calling card for fans.


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