You can play Xbox on Amazon Fire TV Sticks now

You can play Xbox on Amazon Fire TV Sticks now
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Amazon Xbox streaming demonstration

The partnership between Amazon and Xbox doesn’t end at a Fallout TV show.

Amazon announced on Thursday that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now play their Xbox games (via cloud streaming) on an Amazon Fire TV Stick device. In other words, you can play high-end console games on a big TV without the need for a $500 video game console.

You will need either a modern Xbox or PlayStation controller with Bluetooth connectivity, so if you’re starting from nothing, this is going to be a bit of an investment. A compatible Fire TV Stick (either the current base 4K model or the Max 4K model) will run you between $50 and $60, and a supported controller will cost around the same. On top of that, Game Pass Ultimate will ding you for $17 every month.

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And then you get to the part where video game streaming is susceptible to internet problems, causing visual artifacts, buffering, and input latency. If you have great home internet, this might not be a problem, but if you were hoping to bring Starfield with you on a trip, that hotel WiFi may not be good enough.

Still, this is a way to get Xbox games into the hands of more folks, especially those who adored the Fallout show. Fallout 4 is on Game Pass, so maybe check that out.


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