Many companies need to upgrade their infrastructure to be ready for Gen AI

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Despite growing interest and enthusiasm for generative AI, significant challenges continue to emerge that threaten the success of such projects, new research has claimed.

A report by a Hitachi Vantara of IT and business leaders across the US, Canada and Western Europe has highlighted infrastructure as a key area for attention as GenAI projects advance.

It found an overwhelming majority (97%) now consider generative AI to be a top-five priority, even with the lack of readiness.

GenAI projects rely on solid infrastructure

Ever since AI tools have been flooding the market over the past two years, countless studies have highlighted the technology’s immense reliance on strong data foundations, and while this continues to be accurate, Hitachi says that companies aren’t paying enough attention to their infrastructure.

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Alarmingly, only one in three (37%) believe that their infrastructure and data ecosystem is well-prepared.

Moreover, fewer than half (44%) of organizations have a well-defined and comprehensive policy for GenAI, three in five (61%) agreed most users don’t know how to capitalize on the tech, and half (51%) share concerns about a lack of skilled employees.

Hitachi Vantara CTO Ayman Abouelwafa summarized: “Enterprises are clearly jumping on the GenAI bandwagon, which is not surprising, but it’s also clear that the foundation for successful GenAI is not yet fully built to fit the purpose and its full potential cannot be realized.”

With automation and optimization (37%), predictive analytics (36%) and fraud detection (35%) emerging as key drivers for GenAI adoption, companies continue to worry about privacy and compliance (81%) and data quality issues (77%), both of which can be addressed by strategic and correct foundations, including suitable infrastructure.

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