Nigeria Urged to Consider General Strike

Nigeria Urged to Consider General Strike
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Nigerian workers urged to consider nationwide strike over minimum wage

The Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR) in Nigeria has urged Organised Labour to consider declaring a nationwide strike over the minimum wage and the recent increase in electricity tariffs.

  • Calls for 48-hour general strike and mass protest to demand minimum wage of at least N200,000 and reversal of anti-poor policies
  • CDWR urges Organised Labour in Nigeria to consider nationwide strike over minimum wage and electricity tariffs
  • Emphasizes inspiration from successful mass protest in Kenya to force government to reverse policies

According to reports, the CDWR is calling on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) to go on a 48-hour general strike and mass protest to demand a minimum wage of at least N200,000 and the reversal of all anti-poor policies.

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Chinedu Bosah, the National Publicity Secretary of CDWR, emphasised the need for decisive action to be taken immediately due to the deadlock in minimum wage negotiations between labour representatives and the government/private sector.

The group highlighted the recent successful mass protest in Kenya, which led to the withdrawal of a contentious policy, as a source of inspiration for Nigerians to force the government to reverse the policies, which would give most Nigerians some immediate respite.

“The mass protest of mostly young people has just forced the Ruto-led government in Kenya to withdraw the IMF/World Bank-inspired tax increment policy. This example shows that it is also possible for Nigerian working people and youth to force the Tinubu-led government to reverse the prices of petroleum products, electricity tariffs, fee hikes in public schools, and all other neo-liberal capitalist policies, policies which would give some immediate respite to most Nigerians.

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CDWR also advocated for an automatic adjustment of the minimum wage in line with inflation and rising living costs to prevent wages from falling behind the poverty line.

“Amongst the immediate demands should be the call for the inclusion of a demand that the minimum wage must be automatically adjusted in line with the rate of inflation and rising cost of living; minimum wage need not wait for four or five years before adjustment.”

The CDWR acknowledged the challenges in persuading the capitalist elite to agree to these demands and to implement them, but emphasised the importance of a serious struggle to secure these vital concessions.

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