NYT Wordle today — answer and hints for game #1110, Wednesday, July 3

NYT Wordle today — answer and hints for game #1110, Wednesday, July 3
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It’s time for your guide to today’s Wordle answer, featuring my commentary on the latest puzzle, plus a selection of hints designed to help you keep your streak going.

Don’t think you need any clues for Wordle today? No problem, just skip to my daily column. But remember: failure in this game is only ever six guesses away.   

Want more word-based fun? My Quordle today page contains hints and answers for that game, and you can also take a look at my NYT Strands today and NYT Connections today pages for my verdict on two of the New York Times’ other brainteasers. 

SPOILER WARNING: Today’s Wordle answer and hints are below, so don’t read on if you don’t want to see them.

Wordle hints (game #1110) – clue #1 – Vowels

How many vowels does today’s Wordle have?

* Note that by vowel we mean the five standard vowels (A, E, I, O, U), not Y (which is sometimes counted as a vowel too). 

Wordle hints (game #1110) – clue #2 – first letter

What letter does today’s Wordle begin with?

The first letter in today’s Wordle answer is T.

T is one of the most common starting letters in the game, beginning 149 of Wordle’s 2,309 answers. That gives it a ranking of fourth in the alphabet, behind only S, C and B.

Wordle hints (game #1110) – clue #3 – repeated letters

Does today’s Wordle have any repeated letters?

There are repeated letters in today’s Wordle.

Repeated letters are quite common in the game, with 748 of the 2,309 Wordle answers containing one. However, it’s still more likely that a Wordle doesn’t have one.

Wordle hints (game #1110) – clue #4 – ending letter

What letter does today’s Wordle end with?

The last letter in today’s Wordle is H.

H is a regular visitor to the final spot in a Wordle word. It occurs 137 times at the end of a Wordle answer, making it the sixth most common letter there.

Wordle hints (game #1110) – clue #5 – last chance

Still looking for more Wordle hints today? Here’s an extra one for game #1110.

  • Today’s Wordle answer is a part of the body.

If you just want to know today’s Wordle answer now, simply scroll down – but I’d always recommend trying to solve it on your own first. We’ve got lots of Wordle tips and tricks to help you, including a guide to the best Wordle start words.

If you don’t want to know today’s answer then DO NOT SCROLL ANY FURTHER BECAUSE IT IS PRINTED BELOW. So don’t say you weren’t warned!

Today’s Wordle answer (game #1110)

Wordle answer for game 1110 on a green background

(Image credit: New York Times)

  • NYT average score: 4.0
  • My score: 4
  • WordleBot’s score: 3
  • Best start word performance*: TRICE (8 remaining answers)
  • My start word performance: SPEED (799)

* From WordleBot’s Top 20 start words

Today’s Wordle answer (game #1110) is… THIGH.

I feel a slight sense of deflation today, not because of this game but because of yesterday’s. We were on course for a record-equaling run of difficult Wordles, and today’s game has played its part by coming in with an average score of 4.0, but unfortunately yesterday’s INLAY has now been downgraded to a 3.9, so we’ve missed out.

None of this is remotely important, of course, but it’s the kind of thing that I get excited by. Come on, it’s not easy writing a Wordle column every single day for more than two years, you can’t blame me for looking for distractions.

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Anyway, THIGH is currently rated as more difficult than INLAY, and that was my experience too. It has a repeated letter, for starters, and not just any repeat but an H. As my analysis of every Wordle answer shows, there are only 10 games that feature more than one H, making it one of the least likely to appear twice. That said, they’ve been fairly common lately: we had one in May, with HITCH, and another in March with HUNCH. The others to have appeared thus far are HUTCH, HATCH, HEATH and HUMPH, so there are probably only three more to come.

I was up against it from the start of the game, with my opener SPEED leaving me with 799 possible solutions. Ouch! Those of you who started with TRICE (8) or TRACE (23) will have had a much easier time of it.

My response to that was to play TRAIN, a word which sits just outside of WordleBot’s top 20 start words, and which is a popular choice among Wordlers in general. It worked pretty well, giving me a green T and yellow I, and in doing so cut my options to six.

At this point I set about forming a shortlist, but could only come up with THICK. For whatever reason I didn’t think about G being included, so missed THIGH and TIGHT. I also skipped past TIZZY (probably not an answer), TWIXT (ditto) and TWILL (ditto).

So, I played THICK thinking it had to be the answer and was seemingly right when the first three letters turned green… then wrong when the next two went gray. Still, another look at the board confirmed that there was now only one answer left, THIGH, and I played that next for a standard four.

How did you do today? Send me an email and let me know.

Yesterday’s Wordle hints (game #1109)

In a different time zone where it’s still Tuesday? Don’t worry – I can give you some clues for Wordle #1109, too.

  • Wordle yesterday had vowels in two places.

* Note that by vowel we mean the five standard vowels (A, E, I, O, U), not Y (which is sometimes counted as a vowel too). 

  • The first letter in yesterday’s Wordle answer was I.

I is only the 19th most common starting letter in Wordle, and just 34 of the original 2,309 answers begin with it.

  • There were no repeated letters in yesterday’s Wordle.

Repeated letters are quite common in the game, with 748 of the 2,309 Wordle answers containing one. However, it’s still more likely that a Wordle doesn’t have one.

  • The last letter in yesterday’s Wordle was Y.

Y is the second most common ending letter in the game, behind only E. In total, 364 Wordle answers end with a Y.

Still looking for more Wordle hints? Here’s an extra one for game #1109.

  • Yesterday’s Wordle answer is to insert into or decorate an object.

Yesterday’s Wordle answer (game #1109)

Wordle answer for game 1109 on a green background

(Image credit: New York Times)

  • NYT average score: 3.9 (revised)
  • My score: 3
  • WordleBot’s score: 3
  • Best start word performance*: SNARE (10 remaining answers)
  • My start word performance: SPOOL (322)

* From WordleBot’s Top 20 start words

Yesterday’s Wordle answer (game #1109) was… INLAY.

We’re now almost in record territory for runs of difficult Wordles. INLAY is the fifth game in a row with an average score of 4.0 or higher, meaning it only needs to go one more day to equal the toughest sequence ever.

INLAY has an average of 4.1 [note: not any more; it’s been revised to 3.9], so towards the bottom of that range, and is arguably easier than ADAGE, BUDDY and ZEBRA, the three that have preceded it. But it’s definitely not easy as such. 

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As a word, it’s hardly a common one: the website Word and Phrase Info, which ranks words according to how often they appear in English, has INLAY at 26,810th. In comparison, ADAGE is at 16,448th, BUDDY at 4,141st and and ZEBRA at 14,397th. It’s not one you’d necessarily think of until the options were drastically reduced.

That isn’t a situation that will have faced many people today until at least the third guess, because not many start words cut the options substantially. Of the most popular choices, CRANE left 65, SLATE 75 and STARE 191, for instance. The only really successful word that’s also widely played was IRATE, which left only two words to pick from.

My random start word was far higher than any of those, with SPOOL – which could have been a very useful opener on some days – leaving 322. It gave me a yellow L, but nothing else, and frankly I didn’t think it likely that I’d score a third successive 3/6 at that stage.

That I did owed almost everything to a very fortunate second guess. The most common remaining letters were E, A, R, T, N and C (plus I, but I only wanted two vowels). I wanted to include the L in second position, where it appears most frequently, which meant going with CL at the start, as RL, NL and TL were not valid options. With E and A definite inclusions that meant playing either CLEAR or CLEAT, so I went with the former and got lucky: it gave me a green A and cut those 322 possibles to a trio.

The three were INLAY, BYLAW and GULAG, all of which I found, but I also had a fourth: INLAW. And I was all set to play that, but Wordle didn’t accept it. That surprised me at the time, but in hindsight maybe it has to be hyphenated… Anyway, with that off the table I played INLAY instead and scored another unexpected three.

Wordle answers: The past 50

I’ve been playing Wordle every day for more than two years now and have tracked all of the previous answers so I can help you improve your game. Here are the last 50 solutions starting with yesterday’s answer, or check out my past Wordle answers page for the full list.

  • Wordle #1109, Tuesday 2 July: INLAY
  • Wordle #1108, Monday 1 July: ADAGE
  • Wordle #1107, Sunday 30 June: BUDDY
  • Wordle #1106, Saturday 29 June: ZEBRA
  • Wordle #1105, Friday 28 June: DROVE
  • Wordle #1104, Thursday 27 June: ORDER
  • Wordle #1103, Wednesday 26 June: KNEAD
  • Wordle #1102, Tuesday 25 June: SAVOR
  • Wordle #1101, Monday 24 June: DOLLY
  • Wordle #1100, Sunday 23 June: BUGLE
  • Wordle #1099, Saturday 22 June: EDICT
  • Wordle #1098, Friday 21 June: PAINT
  • Wordle #1097, Thursday 20 June: SCENT
  • Wordle #1096, Wednesday 19 June: TERSE
  • Wordle #1095, Tuesday 18 June: COVER
  • Wordle #1094, Monday 17 June: PRIOR
  • Wordle #1093, Sunday 16 June: GRIND
  • Wordle #1092, Saturday 15 June: PROUD
  • Wordle #1091, Friday 14 June: VAULT
  • Wordle #1090, Thursday 13 June: ANGST
  • Wordle #1089, Wednesday 12 June: DETER
  • Wordle #1088, Tuesday 11 June: SWUNG
  • Wordle #1087, Monday 10 June: MANGA
  • Wordle #1086, Sunday 9 June: CROWD
  • Wordle #1085, Saturday 8 June: HENCE
  • Wordle #1084, Friday 7 June: MELON
  • Wordle #1083, Thursday 6 June: ETHER
  • Wordle #1082, Wednesday 5 June: ORGAN
  • Wordle #1081, Tuesday 4 June: GROOM
  • Wordle #1080, Monday 3 June: STARK
  • Wordle #1079, Sunday 2 June: BRAVO
  • Wordle #1078, Saturday 1 June: BASIN
  • Wordle #1077, Friday 31 May: CHAOS
  • Wordle #1076, Thursday 30 May: GUMMY
  • Wordle #1075, Wednesday 29 May: PAPAL
  • Wordle #1074, Tuesday 28 May: MINUS
  • Wordle #1073, Monday 27 May: SKIER
  • Wordle #1072, Sunday 26 May: BEVEL
  • Wordle #1071, Saturday 25 May: TITAN
  • Wordle #1070, Friday 24 May: GLIDE
  • Wordle #1069, Thursday 23 May: SWISH
  • Wordle #1068, Wednesday 22 May: EXALT
  • Wordle #1067, Tuesday 21 May: DINGO
  • Wordle #1066, Monday 20 May: NICER
  • Wordle #1065, Sunday 19 May: HITCH
  • Wordle #1064, Saturday 18 May: BRINY
  • Wordle #1063, Friday 17 May: TUTOR
  • Wordle #1062, Thursday 16 May: STALL
  • Wordle #1061, Wednesday 15 May: PINCH
  • Wordle #1060, Tuesday 14 May: AMASS
  • Wordle #1059, Monday 13 May: CUMIN
  • Wordle #1058, Sunday 12 May: OUTER
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What is Wordle?

If you’re on this page then you almost certainly know what Wordle is already, and indeed have probably been playing it for a while. And even if you’ve not been playing it, you must surely have heard of it by now, because it’s the viral word game phenomenon that took the world by storm last year and is still going strong in 2024.

We’ve got a full guide to the game in our What is Wordle page, but if you just want a refresher then here are the basics.

What is Wordle?

Wordle challenges you to guess a new five-letter word each day. You get six guesses, with each one revealing a little more information. If one of the letters in your guess is in the answer and in the right place, it turns green. If it’s in the answer but in the wrong place, it turns yellow. And if it’s not in the answer at all it turns gray. Simple, eh?

It’s played online via the Wordle website or the New York Times’ Crossword app (iOS / Android), and is entirely free.

Crucially, the answer is the same for everyone each day, meaning that you’re competing against the rest of the world, rather than just against yourself or the game. The puzzle then resets each day at midnight in your local time, giving you a new challenge, and the chance to extend your streak.

What are the Wordle rules?

The rules of Wordle are pretty straightforward, but with a couple of curveballs thrown in for good measure.

1. Letters that are in the answer and in the right place turn green.

2. Letters that are in the answer but in the wrong place turn yellow.

3. Letters that are not in the answer turn gray.

4. Answers are never plural.

5. Letters can appear more than once. So if your guess includes two of one letter, they may both turn yellow, both turn green, or one could be yellow and the other green.

6. Each guess must be a valid word in Wordle’s dictionary. You can’t guess ABCDE, for instance.

7. You do not have to include correct letters in subsequent guesses unless you play on Hard mode.

8. You have six guesses to solve the Wordle.

9. You must complete the daily Wordle before midnight in your timezone.

10. All answers are drawn from Wordle’s list of 2,309 solutions. However…

11. Wordle will accept a wider pool of words as guesses – some 10,000 of them. For instance, you can guess a plural such as WORDS. It definitely won’t be right (see point 4 above), but Wordle will accept it as a guess.


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