Samsung Galaxy Unpacked July live blog – Galaxy Ring, Fold 6, Flip 6, Watch 7 and more

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked July live blog – Galaxy Ring, Fold 6, Flip 6, Watch 7 and more
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The second Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event of the year has arrived and we’re here to bring you all the news and announcements as they happen. 

You can expect to see a suite of foldable phones and wearables at today’s showcase, but the star of the show could be the much-anticipated Galaxy Ring. Oh, and we expect to hear a fair bit about AI too, as that’s the buzzword of the tech world at the moment. 

This live blog will bring you all the last-minute rumors and leaks ahead of the live stream, as well as our analysis on what’s being tipped and what gets announced. So without further ado, read on. 

Galaxy Unpacked cheat sheet

Good morning. Managing Editor of Mobile Computing Roland Moore-Colyer here to take you through the run up to what I’m calling the ‘summer’ Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. Expect to hear about a good handful of products today. 

And AI… always AI. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review

(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Right, let’s get into it. First off, here’s what I reckon you can expect: 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: going by the rumors so far, expect a small upgrade. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: expect a decent suite of changes, notably an improved camera system. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: an upgrade on the Galaxy Watch 6, so more wellness tracking features, better specs and maybe a refreshed design. 

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: basically Samsung’s clap back at the Apple Watch Ultra. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 3 and Galaxy Buds 3: new wireless earbuds from Samsung to nip at the heels of the AirPods range. 

Of course, all those devices currently exist in the fug of rumors, leaks and speculation. But I’ve been covering Samsung stuff for years, so am rather confident that we’ll see pretty much most of those aforementioned devices. 

I’ve not heard a great deal about the Galaxy Watch Ultra, but a recent big leak has sparked the rumors to more than just a little smoldering in the background. 

Four Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 models

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review

(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

As the ‘boss’ of the Mobile Computing division at TechRadar, which means smartphones and tablets, you’d think I’d be excited about the Galaxy Z Fold 6. After all, I have a Fold 4 and Fold 3 within my grasp and do rather like the literal flexibility of the phones. 

But I’m not. 

I’m expecting to see a chip upgrade to the next-generation Fold but not a lot more given the rumors. Samsung is sure to equip the Galaxy Z Fold 6 with all the AI chops it put into the Galaxy S24 series, but I’ve not heard much of any unique features to make the Fold 6’s larger display sing with smart tools. And that’s a pity, so far at least, as I’ve already written how I hope Samsung leans on AI to make the Galaxy Z Fold 6 special

Just take a look at the below renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, seemingly based on insider information, and you’ll see a phone that looks pretty much identical to its predecessor. 

I’d normally say that’s no bad thing as I like the design of the current Fold. But equally in the face of tighter competition from the likes of the Google Pixel Fold and OnePlus Open, I feel Samsung could do with mixing up the design of its flagship foldable phone… try saying that fast and after a few beers. 

Image 1 of 3

A leaked render of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

(Image credit: @OnLeaks / SmartPrix)
Image 2 of 3

A leaked render of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

(Image credit: @OnLeaks / SmartPrix)
Image 3 of 3

A leaked render of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

(Image credit: @OnLeaks / SmartPrix)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in several colors

(Image credit: Samsung)

So keeping the focus on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 for now, I reckon it’ll get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip seen in the Galaxy S24 phones, in addition to a mild battery boost: read our rundown of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 specs for a deeper analysis. 

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New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 colors are also predicted. Expect to see navy, a light pink, silver, black, and white. All of which would be pretty run-of-the-mill; I’d love a lime green Fold! 

As for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 price, expect the next-gene Fold to follow the pricing structure of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and start at $1,799.99 / £1,749 / AU$2,599. But I’d not be super surprised if Samsung upped the price of the Fold, given that’s a trend for high-end smartphones that have been released over the past 18 months or so. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in various colors

(Image credit: Samsung)

So moving on to the Galaxy Z Flip 6. I’m expecting to see a little more in the way of an upgrade in comparison to the Fold 6. 

Naturally the Galaxy Z Flip 6 specs will surely include the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, but there’s likely to be a battery boost, a new main camera, potentially more base memory and RAM. Plus I suspect we’ll see upgrades to make any Galaxy AI features snappy. 

I’m also low-key excited about the Galaxy Z Flip 6 colors, as Samsung is good at giving the flipping foldable phone a decent suite if shades. So far we’re predicting a mint, silver, yellow, black, peach, white, and lavender color options. 

As for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 price, I’d suggest it’ll follow that of its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, and start at $999.99 / £1,049 / AU$1,649. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch

(Image credit: Samsung)

On to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7. I’m a little lukewarm on this one. The rumors and leaks so far have been a bit ‘meh’, with what could be a small update on the Galaxy Watch 6

We’re talking a new chipset, sizes of 40mm and 44mm, and likely an improved battery life. On the software side, expect smart, AI-powered workouts and wellness routines. And I reckon the starting price for the next-gen Galaxy Watch will be around $299.99 / £289 / AU$549. 

Still, I hope Samsung has a few surprises up its sleeve with its next smartwatch, as I’m keen to see the Apple Watch knocked of its throne, or at least give a damn good shove. 

Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic smartwatches in different colors

(Image credit: Samsung)

And on to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra. The rumors are rather vague around this smartwatch, but it looks set to be a larger take on the Galaxy Watch line, likely sporting rugged features and a tough strap that’ll deal with being deep underwater or up a mountain with ease. 

But I’m also forecasting the Watch Ultra will have a mix of wellness and fitness tracking features, like blood glucose monitoring, along with AI-powered features driven by connected Galaxy phones. I do hope that the so-called Galaxy Watch Ultra isn’t completely limited by needing to be used with the best Samsung phones, and can instead work with other Android phones

An image of the black Samsung Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Future)

But the big announcements that’s surely happening today, will be a proper look at the Samsung Galaxy Ring. I’m rather excited about this, as it’s Samsung’s first smart ring and going by Fitness Editor Matt Evans’ first impressions, it could be a rather feature-packed device. 

We’re expecting to see a suite of embedded sensors, and a host of AI-powered fitness and wellness tracking features. But what appeals to me is the simple design and the tracking of things like step counts without the need to wear a smartwatch or deal with the lack of accuracy I feel smartphone-based tracking has. 

Now there are other smart rings, but I feel Samsung has the tech ecosystem to really make a smart, smart ring; say support for gesture control in tandem with Samsung phones. 

Speaking of wellness tracking, we’ve just spotted some news that claims older Galaxy Watch models are getting a sleep apnea feature retroactively added to them via an update. 

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where people’s breathing repeatedly starts and stops, which can manifest as loud snoring and not feeling rested after a night’s sleep. Tracking it can be one step on the road to tackling the condition.  

So the addition of such a feature to older Galaxy Watches is promising, and a sign that the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch ultra will surely have such a feature as well. 

New sleep apnea feature from r/GalaxyWatch

Oh if you want to hear from me directly, because reading might not be your jam, take a look at my TechRadar TikTok video below for a quick rundown on what to expect from Unpacked today. 


♬ original sound – TechRadar

Now some fresh news: according to GSMarena, the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra has been put on hold indefinitely by Samsung. 

There’s no clear information as to why that would be the case, but I’d posit there’s just not an appetite for a bigger and more powerful Fold, given the Fold line as it stands has a host of flagship features. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

(Image credit: Samsung)

Right, lets talk Galaxy Buds. Going by a very recent leak, it looks like Samsung could be poised to reveal the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds Pro 3 today. 

We’re not sure whatto expect beyond improved audio, but the leaks so far suggest a new design is coming, one that’s reminiscent of the AirPods. 

an image of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, which looks set to be the headline-grabbing product of the next Galaxy Unpacked

(Image credit: Samsuung)

Let me give you a little recap on what to expect from the Samsung showcase today: go read my roundup of 7 things to expect from today’s Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

So we could have a (sort of) surprise guest at Galaxy Unpacked and it looks like it could be Sydney Sweeney. She was at the last Fold/Flip launch event, so we can predict she’ll be an ambassador for the new folding phones today. 

But then again maybe she’ll just be a huge Galaxy Ring fan… time will tell. 

a screenshot of an instagram story from actor Sydney Sweeney

(Image credit: Instagram / Sydney Sweeney)

Instant Slow-mo

(Image credit: Blue Pixl Media)

So AI… we can expect to hear a fair bit about it in around two hours time. Specifically, Samsung will surely tout AI features that have been baked into the new foldable phones. 

I reckon we’ll see a lot of the same Galaxy AI features we saw with the Galaxy S24 series. But I am crossing my fingers they’ll be reworked to make use of the large folding display of the Fold 6 and the ability for the Flip 6 to present its displays in interesting positions. 

But I also hope that with whatever wearables Samsung does indeed launch today that we’ll see smart AI features used to get the most out of them. I feel AI will work well with the likes of the Galaxy Ring, intelligently serving up insights in tandem with a connected phone and smarty recognising hand movements. 

Speaking of AI, I’m curious to see what Samsung could do to ensure it’s making its AI efforts as consumer-friendly as possible. That’s because with Apple Intelligence, the Cupertino company looks like its targeting a seamless integration of AI into consumer tech. 

So I hope that Samsung introduces some new Galaxy AI features today that are genuinely useful for everyday life rather than nice to have tools that one plays around with briefly then forgets quickly. 

Motorola Razr and Razr Plus 2024 folded and open in various colors

(Image credit: Philip Berne / Future)

Good morning everybody! I’m Phil Berne, your US Mobiles editor, taking the helm from our Mobiles Chief Roland MC. We have our large and in charge Editor-at-Large Lance Ulanoff and our Captain Video Viktoria Shilets on the scene in Paris, so be sure to check back for our hands-on impressions, and don’t miss the TechRadar TikTok channel for videos of all the new gear. 

Before we even get into all the Samsung news, let’s pause to notice the Motorola Razr 2024. Moto says its cool flip phone is the best selling flip foldable on the market, but is the foldable market big enough to notice? Samsung’s expected Galaxy Z Flip 6 will arrive today to take on Moto’s new hotness, bringing performance and professionalism to match Moto’s colorful cool. 

I’ve been reviewing the Motorola Razr and Motorola Razr Plus (that’s Razr 50 and Razr 50 Ultra for the rest of the world) for the past couple of weeks, but I decided it did not make sense to offer a review of these phones with Samsung’s next Flip 6 waiting patiently to attack. Once I’ve had time to measure my impressions against Samsung’s next compact, we’ll have in-depth, lab-tested reviews of all the new phones. 

The big question for me will be AI. Will Samsung push its AI ambitions even further with the Galaxy Z phones? Or will it shore up its AI defenses and let Google continue to take the lead on Android’s AI evolution. We’ll find out today. 

Oh, also there will be watches, if you’re, like, Ultra active. We’ll get to those in a bit.

Lance Ulanoff and Viktoria Shilets of TechRadar on scene at Galaxy Unpacked in Paris

Viktoria and Lance in Paris for Galaxy Unpacked 2024 (Image credit: Lance Ulanoff / Future)

What are you hoping to see today? While the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 smartphones will be the big ticket items, there are a couple entirely new products on the slate for Galaxy Unpacked 2024 that are generating even more interest. The Galaxy Ring will be Samsung first entry into finger-focused wearables, and the Galaxy Watch Ultra will be Samsung’s rugged take on the Apple Watch Ultra. 

The Galaxy Ring has been rumored for quite some time, and of course a finger wearable just makes sense, once the sensors can be shrunk appropriately small. For folks who already own a nice watch, especially, a ring is a better option than a Galaxy Watch. 

What’s most surprising is how few smart ring products are on the market today. Oura is the biggest smart ring player, with new AI features that launched today to anticipate Samsung’s coming attack. Oura isn’t a brand name you hear in other categories. Where are Apple, Google, and even Motorola (Lenovo) when it comes to smart rings? Samsung will be the first big phone player with its own ring, but I doubt it will be the last. 

Queue for Samsung Unpacked July 2024

The line for Galaxy Unpacked 2024 under the Louvre (Image credit: Future)

What am I hoping to see from today’s Galaxy Unpacked 2024? As a long-time Samsung watcher and owner, I’m looking for Samsung to reclaim its dominance across the board. Samsung’s foldable phones are incredible, but there have been some design missteps that allowed competitors like Motorola’s Razr and the OnePlus Open to take top spots on our list of the best foldable phones. 

On the Galaxy Z Fold 6, I’m hoping the cover display looks like a normal phone, not like a tall, narrow slab of glass. That means an aspect ratio change. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 has an aspect ratio of 23.1:9, which is very long and narrow. The OnePlus Open, on the other hand, has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The difference is obvious at first glance. The OnePlus Open looks like a normal phone, while the Z Fold 5 looks weird. I’d like to see a Galaxy Z Fold 6 that takes on a normal cover display aspect ratio, closer to the OnePlus Open.

On the Galaxy Z Flip 6, I’m hoping to do a lot more on the cover display. I’d like a huge cover screen, like you get on the Motorola Razr 2024 and Razr Plus 2024, but it’s a bit late for major design changes. At the least, I want to use every app on my phone on the Galaxy Z Flip 6 cover. I want to use AllTrails and my Roku TV remote with the Flip closed. 

For the Galaxy Ring, I’d like to see something new in health tracking and data accuracy. If we’re going to accept a whole new form factor for wearables, if I’m going to have to put a computer on yet another new part of my body, I want a good reason why. I want better sleep tracking than I get with a Galaxy Watch, and maybe something to monitor metabolism levels in a more accurate way. 

On the Galaxy Watch Ultra, just make it Ultra. I miss Samsung’s old rotating bezel, like on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. If I can’t have that, then just go wild. Give it every stupid bit of technology you can cram inside. If Apple can sell a watch as a SCUBA depth monitor, Samsung must have something more obscure up its sleeve. 

A screenshot from Samsung Unpacked July 2024

(Image credit: Samsung)

We’re only minutes away from Galaxy Unpacked 2024. I’ve got my Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra open next to me, ready to watch the Live Stream at on the biggest, baddest tablet I’ve ever owned. I’m hoping for spectacle and surprises, though this is one of the biggest Samsung product launches I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen them all. 

Will there be any celebrity appearances? We know that actress Sydney Sweeney, who helped promote the Galaxy Z Flip 5, has already posted video content online showing she’s on the way to Galaxy Unpacked 2024. Our editors will keep an eye out for anybody famous in the crowd. Besides our Editor-at-Large Lance Ulanoff, of course. 

Is there any chance for One More Thing from Samsung at the very end? Who knows, maybe all of the excitement over new products will snowball and we’ll get a sneak peak at VR glasses, or some other future Galaxy star. If the new Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch Ultra, foldable phones, and accompanying accessories are all that we get, for that alone we’ll have to be content. 

Audience for Samsung Unpacked July 2024 before it starts

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung is launching a slew of new devices today, but you wouldn’t know it watching the preview for the Live Stream of Galaxy Unpacked 2024. The only text on screen is “Galaxy AI is here” over and over again, with the now-familiar stars that seem to represent AI everywhere. 

So, it looks like Galaxy AI is here? Okay, the show is starting. Let’s hope for more than just AI. 


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