The Google Pixel Watch 3 could be imminent – with a key upgrade included

The Google Pixel Watch 3 could be imminent – with a key upgrade included
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Google has set a date in August for the unveiling of the Pixel 9 series, and we could well see the Pixel Watch 3 then as well: the smartwatch just passed a key regulatory hurdle in the US, and it looks as though at least one key upgrade is incoming.

The arrival of the Pixel Watch 3 at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US was spotted by Android Police, and these filings usually happen close to the launch of the relevant devices – making an August debut now very likely.

There are four models in total here, codenamed GBDU9, GRY0E, GG3HH, and GGE4J. Two have LTE cellular connectivity, while the other two stick to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so it looks like we’ll get 41mm and 45mm variants of the watch (as has been rumored).

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There’s apparently going to be support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands, plus Wi-Fi 6 – more upgrades over the current Pixel Watch 2, which should improve connectivity and performance when connected to wireless networks.

Ultra-wideband ready

Two Apple Watch 9 models

The Apple Watch 9 has ultra-wideband included (Image credit: Apple)

Significantly, all four models have ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which upgrades close-range connectivity and location tracking. It’s a handy feature that’s already available in the Apple Watch 9, Apple’s AirTags, and the latest iPhones.

One of the ways UWB can be used is to give more precision when locating a lost device, although Google’s Find My Device network sadly doesn’t support it yet. It could also help with improved integrations with other devices, potentially including Chromebooks and Pixel phones. It’s an upgrade that’s been rumored before, too.

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Most of the Pixel Watch 3 leaks so far have been focused on the new larger model that’s supposedly coming this year, giving users a choice of sizes for the first time with the Pixel Watch. There’s also been talk of new sensors being fitted inside the smartwatch.

The big event day has been set for Wednesday, August 13, and as well as the Pixel Watch 3 we should get a few other shiny new gadgets, too. We’ll of course bring you all the news from the show – as well as any more Pixel Watch 3 leaks that appear in the meantime.

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